IMPERIAL SOCCER CLUB is a non-profit organization created to cater to our Sugar Land community and surrounding areas. Our trainers bring many years of experience and are well-known to the soccer community.  Most have been training and working in the youth soccer area for many years. Our staff has been involved in soccer in Sugar Land and the Houston area since the early 90s.

Imperial Soccer Club is our own local soccer-based community club, geared to serve the kids in our area and all other surrounding areas. Most of our staff is from Sugar Land as well as our board members. We want to cater to kids of all ages and levels. From the ones who want to play just for fun, to the others that want to play at a competitive level. We treat all the kids with the respect they deserve and always make sure that they are having fun.

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We will work closely with other non-profit organizations and will offer free events to our community such as free soccer days or free soccer camps. We will work with our local businesses to bring business back to Sugar Land. We will have in place a robust scholarship program for those kids who want to play college.

Imperial Soccer Club is a non-profit organization that exists to create a rich and open environment for youth players to develop on all levels of the game of soccer including technical mastery, tactical intelligence, physical prowess, and psychological strength.

In addition to the strong individual development that exists, Imperial Soccer Club has created a unified and professional culture that produces unforgettable experiences and cultivates lifelong relationships for players and their families.

By focusing on the total development of a player both on and off the field, Imperial Soccer Club will create opportunities for our youth players to grow into exceptional young men and women who will play at the highest club, collegiate, and professional levels.


Imperial Soccer Club is committed to providing a long-term development plan for players from 3 to 19 years old.

Youth soccer is an individual journey within a team context, where the ball is always the focus and point of reference throughout the learning of soccer. Players will be encouraged and nurtured to be creative, and problem-solvers, using the
environment they are in to find solutions to the problems they face.

Imperial Soccer Club is more than a collection of age group teams. Every member is together as one with its single identity for all players, parents, and coaches to be a proud member of.


Developing the player through soccer-specific training will only provide improvement in technique, tactics, and physical maturity.

Our Core Values include
Player – integrity, sportsmanship, excellence, and being humble
Coach – excellence, and commitment to the development pathway, no one is too big for any job.

Club transparency, leadership, and putting the youth as the importance of youth sports Parent education supports the needs of parents to understand the process of long-term player development.

To teach the basics and the fundamentals of soccer.
To teach technique as well as tactics.
To motivate each player to make them the best athletes they can be.
To teach them about sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, competition, trust, and friendship.
To provide them guidance and support throughout the college scouting process.
To make sure they do great with their school grades.
To provide them with moral support.

Our goal as coaches has always been not just to make the players better athletes, but to make them better individuals.  Through sports, they can learn the meaning of teamwork, trust, friendship, competition, and what it takes to be a better human being.  Skills that they will be able to use and apply in their lives.

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Imperial SC players learn and develop to their full potential through game-like experiences. The game provides the tactical, technical, physical and psychosocial development for our players. Imperial SC seeks to create an enjoyable environment that supports individual growth.

It is important for individual development that players are properly challenged by competing at the right level. By grouping players of similar ability, players will be challenged throughout the development process.


  • Age Group 6-10 YOA
    At Imperial SC, we believe players develop a love of the game through small sided games, allowing them to score multiple goals and develop fundamental soccer skills with and without the ball. We encourage our players to play multiple positions to give them the opportunity to experience a variety of different positions.
  • Age Group 11-12
    At Imperial SC, we believe players continue to develop through a variety of activities focusing on structured team play and more complex player actions confronted through the game. We also believe in strengthening the players’ natural traits yet encourage them to play more than one position.
  • Age Group 13-15
    At Imperial SC, we believe players learn through a variety of activities focusing on group play and team play, based on team tactical principles, sub-principles and player actions. We also believe positional games will enhance game understanding.
  • Age Group 16-19
    At Imperial SC, we believe in utilizing highly structured team play activities by integrating game strategies and competition within the activities. We focus on the player’s skillset based on position to better prepare the player for a higher level of play beyond youth soccer.


  • Imperial SC believes it is important for our coaches to establish a relationship with our players to know how to motivate, guide, and support each player as an individual.
  • Imperial SC believes in continued training and education for our coaches. This commitment and self-motivation by coaches equates to enhanced player development.
  • Imperial SC provides an environment by instilling our values where players can feel appreciated and supported to achieve excellence. 


  • At Imperial SC, we value our players and view our players as the leading character within the club. This, in turn, guides us in the decision- making process by asking ourselves “what is in the best interest of the player?”. We strive to prepare players for the next level within their soccer pathway while developing our players into young adults.
  • Our coaching staff create an environment designed to guide and support our players through the development process.
  • Our coaches create age-appropriate activities to positively impact the personal development of the players.
  • Imperial SC coaches believe in facilitating an environment where the player will enjoy learning and acquire a desire to continue. Ultimately leading our players to take ownership of his/her own development.